How it feels to be “too close to Heaven”- interview with Dad Horse Experience

I was thinking very often that music is some kind of therapy and most of the time, people find themselves through this, no matter it comes from other regions that we don't belong to. I may say that music finds us, actually.

The best example I've heard is the one man band, Dad Horse Experience.

His german accent is not rough at all, and Ottn has a very kind way of presenting music and his life trough it.

What he did was to bring the American influences, with the playfull banjo and his uncontrolable rhtym into the European's heart. His unique way of seeing people or the way he sees himself, made Ottn play a new kind of Gospel in Bremen and then world wide.


Starting with 2008, Dad Horse Experience has released a released two albums, an EP, four vinyl singles and a live-12", and contributed to several musical compilations.

Now he is working on his latest album, The Huggy Bear Motel and revealed the story behind this it. The album takes us on a beautiful trip from childhood 'til s...

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When music turns into novel- interview with Jeff Zentner

by Ruxandra Stoian, Bucharest, 2015

Literature and music have always been the most touching ways to describe our emotions. The most powerful feelings have burst into beautiful poems, where history turned to art. We all search lyrics that can move us, that we can empathize with.

We are looking for eternal stories, related to our lives and thoughts.

In Jeff Zentner lyrics I've discovered a peace that I could only find in poetry. His approach on themes as spiritual beliefs, love and death was completed only by the music he created.


The country American influences with the alternative folk and rock sound, made Jeff's music a sensitive project, where darkness rose from beauty and vice versa.

During years, Jeff Zentner collaborated in different musical projects with other well known musicians, such as: Iggy Pop, Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, Thurston Moore, Debbie Harry, Mark Lanegan, Lydia Lunch and others.

In 2006 he started his band called Creech Holler with a more energetic altern...

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Murder by Death is growing a “Big Dark Love”- interview with Adam Turla

by Ruxandra Stoian, Bucharest, 2015

We all run from death and the idea of dying but what if death isn't that scarry or ugly?

I've found beauty, philosophy, love and nihilism at once, in the dark lyrics of Adam Turla from Murder by Death.

Their songs have an intersting approach on life and death, from sound 'til message.

Based in Bloomington, Indiana, Murder by Death kept its fans close for more than 15 years.

The indie rock sound, combined with the alternative country influences are a perfect match for Adam's Turla folk voice.

mdbdSince 2000, the band has been through some changes, with different members and collaboration, and it finally got to this form of five: Adam Turla - Vocals, Guitars Sarah Balliet - Cello, Keys Dagan Thogerson -Drums, Percussion Matt Armstrong - Bass David Fountain - Piano, Percussion, Mandolin, Banjo, and Backup vox.

A combination hard to ignore.

Their ideas are a trip through theater plays and metaphisical experiences, such as Divina Commedia. On th...

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Marriages or the road from the scene to introspection- interview with Greg Burns

Text and photos by Ruxandra Stoian,

Bucharest 2015

Each of us find ourselves in something. Most of the time, the essence we are trying to find is the soul and we reveal it in art.

Music has the power to describe feelings without lyrics, speechless. Only then it prevails the state of being and that's all there is.

I've discovered the same feeling as in meditation, while listening to Marriages.

Recently formed in 2012, at the initiative of Greg Burns from Red Sparowes, Marriages brought together Emma Ruth Rundle as a vocalist and guitarist and also Andrew Clinco at drumms.


Combining alternative rock with experimental and post rock, Marriages have brought an unique sound with a more spiritual approach.

After touring for 3 years, they've launched their first LP, called Salome, a beautiful trip on love and hate, in a mystical dance.

The religious influences are sometimes felt with guilt, or the satisfaction of being alive in order to redeem the soul: “I will not sleep


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Returning to the roots- Interview with Johnny Dowd

text by Ruxandra Stoian

photos Johnny's Dowd personal archive

More and more we are conscious that the best works from literature, painting and acting have been done in the early ages. The same story is with music. Ray Charles once said: "my music has roots dug even from my childhood, musical roots buried in the darkest soil."

This soil is the hard working time on our souls. It's about going down, where the only friend is solitude. This way, the roots will lead the man higher, to the crown. The road to self knowledge through art is actually the story of every man's life. The deepest the fall, the higher he rises.

One of the best old school music is country music, having its roots in the bluegrass, gospel, blues, in native american's chants and later in the rock'n roll music. It's the perfect combination that covers many feelings, beliefs or randomn thoughts on life and death.1240413_593800754016541_572732654_n

Johnny Dowd is the gentle reminder that good country music combined with rock'n roll, can still shake so...

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Tiger Lilies or how to juggle with Death and its friends- interview with Martyn Jaques

text and photo: Ruxandra Stoian

Bucharest, 2015

When listening to music, death is always seen as something sad. But how about turning this drama into something funny?

No matter the depth of the subject, even if it's about vices, bad attitude, prostitution or blasphemy, Tiger Lilies has managed to show another point of view over these grotesque themes.

Formed in 1989 at the initiative of Martyn Jaques, Tiger Lilies has managed to surprise its audience for more than 20 years, in a continuous theater play. Their style is unique, combining dark cabaret with punk and opera sounds in an authentic British trio.


Tiger Lilies is a complex band, paying attention to every detail, from their image with different costumes and masks, to their innovative sounds at different instruments and of course, at their dramatic lyrics.

The actual members are Martyn Jaques singing its accordion, piano, uke, Adrian Stout at his magnificent double bass, thermin and sometimes singing saw and the dramat...

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Despre filosofia japoneză în rock-ul alternativ românesc- Interviu cu Days of Confusion

de Diana Rădulescu, București 2015 I-am însoțit pe băieții de la Days of Confusion la una din repetițiile lor, chiar înainte de lansarea clipului Dharkata. Days of Confusion nu vorbesc foarte mult despre ei. Sunt atât de concetrati pe ceea ce fac, încât fiecare sunet pe care îl acordă pare o extensie a propriei persoane. Noua piesă Dharkata este o dovadă clară a maturității la care a ajuns trupa, un melanj de chitări și tobe care amintesc de metalul modern produs în afară. Vocea antrenată a lui Cosmin duce cu gândul la marile trupe alternative, în timp ce instrumentalul închegat €œtradează versatilitatea, element pe care l-au moștenit din experiențele trupelor de origine. Sound-ul mult mai rafinat beneficiază de un lirism pe măsură, mai personal, ce face referire la teme spiritiuale. PicMonkey Collage PicMonkey Collageg Am plecat de la repetiții fără vreo urmă de confuzie. Băieții știu ce vor și muncesc din greu pentru a deveni un nume de referință în domeniul ...
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Welcome to the Country club! Interview with Slim Cessna

by Ruxandra Stoian, Bucharest, 2015

What shakes us the most are the things that happened in the past, that burst in emotions we can't describe. Well, country music is the right field for doing this. As Johnny Cash said it's all about "emotions, love, breakup, love and hate and death and dying, mama, apple pie, and the whole thing. It covers a lot of territory, country music does."

The Slim Cessna's Auto Club is the band where all of these ideas of love and hate, of religion, of common events from hillbilies lives, colide into something intriguingly beautiful.


Formed in 1992 in Denver, Colorado, The Slim Cessna's Auto Club combined all the influences from Rock, Punk, Gospell, Blues, Bluegrass, Gothabilly and Country music in an unique sound, known as "Country gothic".

During years, Slim Cessna has been collaborating with different artists from all around the United States and Europe, getting more in touch with the human nature and its spiritual vulnerability.

Different member...

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Nomad on the “Sinners Road”- Interview with Delaney Davidson

by Ruxandra Stoian, Bucharest, 2015 Art is a never-ending road to self-knowledge, the most shakey and sometimes the quietest way to illustrate life. On this road, music is the universal refuge for souls driven away from home. If there's anything that can be called home, it is definitely our inner peace, despite the places we are in. Delaney Davidson is the kind of artist that turns solitude and traveling into something fulfilling. His creative songs and lyrics have been heard from New Zealand through different countries from Europe to the United States. His intriguing moody voice brings colour in this blues, folk, rock, alternative country combination. delaney-2 Every note builds a stronger feeling. Delaney gives his public a tour from a deep drowsy rhythm. From grieving to a better vibe. His music shows the irony of a life full of different events, from transcendental thoughts through common feelings; from a brokenheart and even boredom. From 2007 with his Rough Diamond, Dela...
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Premiere in Romania: Wovenhand or when religion becomes music- Interview with David Eugene Edwards

by Ruxandra Stoian, Bucharest, 2015 

Listening to Wovenhand is a reminder that if people wouldn't have a soul, music could certainly create them one.

On the 26th of April, Wovenhand, one of the greatest alternative country bands from the United States, will stick its American roots in the Carpathian soil. Their hard native American influences, combined with post-rock, neo-folk, punk and sometimes the dark sound of rock, will fill up the void from Silver Church, in an authentic and vivid mix of notes.


The voice of David Eugene brings the ancestral callings from the Indian Plains, in a spiritual trip where falling is necessary, for the soul to arise. Maintaining the religious themes about redemption and becoming one with the true nature of self, David Eugene turns into a preacher with his words that lead us to a temple, where the “stones will cry out from the wall.”


The nomad soul will find its path in the mystic, ...

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