Tiger Lilies or how to juggle with Death and its friends- interview with Martyn Jaques

text and photo: Ruxandra Stoian

Bucharest, 2015

When listening to music, death is always seen as something sad. But how about turning this drama into something funny?

No matter the depth of the subject, even if it's about vices, bad attitude, prostitution or blasphemy, Tiger Lilies has managed to show another point of view over these grotesque themes.

Formed in 1989 at the initiative of Martyn Jaques, Tiger Lilies has managed to surprise its audience for more than 20 years, in a continuous theater play. Their style is unique, combining dark cabaret with punk and opera sounds in an authentic British trio.


Tiger Lilies is a complex band, paying attention to every detail, from their image with different costumes and masks, to their innovative sounds at different instruments and of course, at their dramatic lyrics.

The actual members are Martyn Jaques singing its accordion, piano, uke, Adrian Stout at his magnificent double bass, thermin and sometimes singing saw and the dramat...

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Despre filosofia japoneză în rock-ul alternativ românesc- Interviu cu Days of Confusion

de Diana Rădulescu, București 2015 I-am însoțit pe băieții de la Days of Confusion la una din repetițiile lor, chiar înainte de lansarea clipului Dharkata. Days of Confusion nu vorbesc foarte mult despre ei. Sunt atât de concetrati pe ceea ce fac, încât fiecare sunet pe care îl acordă pare o extensie a propriei persoane. Noua piesă Dharkata este o dovadă clară a maturității la care a ajuns trupa, un melanj de chitări și tobe care amintesc de metalul modern produs în afară. Vocea antrenată a lui Cosmin duce cu gândul la marile trupe alternative, în timp ce instrumentalul închegat €œtradează versatilitatea, element pe care l-au moștenit din experiențele trupelor de origine. Sound-ul mult mai rafinat beneficiază de un lirism pe măsură, mai personal, ce face referire la teme spiritiuale. PicMonkey Collage PicMonkey Collageg Am plecat de la repetiții fără vreo urmă de confuzie. Băieții știu ce vor și muncesc din greu pentru a deveni un nume de referință în domeniul ...
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Nomad on the “Sinners Road”- Interview with Delaney Davidson

by Ruxandra Stoian, Bucharest, 2015 Art is a never-ending road to self-knowledge, the most shakey and sometimes the quietest way to illustrate life. On this road, music is the universal refuge for souls driven away from home. If there's anything that can be called home, it is definitely our inner peace, despite the places we are in. Delaney Davidson is the kind of artist that turns solitude and traveling into something fulfilling. His creative songs and lyrics have been heard from New Zealand through different countries from Europe to the United States. His intriguing moody voice brings colour in this blues, folk, rock, alternative country combination. delaney-2 Every note builds a stronger feeling. Delaney gives his public a tour from a deep drowsy rhythm. From grieving to a better vibe. His music shows the irony of a life full of different events, from transcendental thoughts through common feelings; from a brokenheart and even boredom. From 2007 with his Rough Diamond, Dela...
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Premiere in Romania: Wovenhand or when religion becomes music- Interview with David Eugene Edwards

by Ruxandra Stoian, Bucharest, 2015 

Listening to Wovenhand is a reminder that if people wouldn't have a soul, music could certainly create them one.

On the 26th of April, Wovenhand, one of the greatest alternative country bands from the United States, will stick its American roots in the Carpathian soil. Their hard native American influences, combined with post-rock, neo-folk, punk and sometimes the dark sound of rock, will fill up the void from Silver Church, in an authentic and vivid mix of notes.


The voice of David Eugene brings the ancestral callings from the Indian Plains, in a spiritual trip where falling is necessary, for the soul to arise. Maintaining the religious themes about redemption and becoming one with the true nature of self, David Eugene turns into a preacher with his words that lead us to a temple, where the “stones will cry out from the wall.”


The nomad soul will find its path in the mystic, ...

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Xylouris White or when the continents collide-Exclusively, interview with Jim R White (Dirty Three)

by Ruxandra Stoian, Bucharest, 2015 One of the newest musical projects that’s got people’s attention in the United States and recently in Europe is an intriguing combination between rock, punk, jazz, folk and oriental influences, all summed-up in Xylouris White. From the anarchic sound of drums playing an inspirational transcendental rhythm to the suave notes of lute melting together, the songs from the new album “Goats” are worthy of listening to your delight. XW_Tour_bensearcy Xylouris White achieves a unique sound by virtue of its founders: George Xylouris - a well known lute player from Crete (Greece), who brings an oriental vibe with greek traditional flavor and Jim White, a most appreciated Australian drummer who formed Dirty Three, known for their impressive instrumental rock sound. Listening to Xylouris’ lute you can easily picture mythological scenes where legendary characters come to live, walking barefoot on the hot sand. You can see their dresses waving in a danc...
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The Dead Brothers or the recipe to a happy funeral- Interview with Dead Alain Croubalian

by Ruxandra Stoian, Bucharest, 2015

The fact that we are dying is something that we are used to ever since we’re born. Still, it scares us. Yet people have always been interested in this process which marks our end. The Dead Brothers brings this point of view that “Death is not the end”. Could it be possible to change the idea that death is not something bad, nor a punishment for our sins through music?

I’ve discovered another point of view, full of philosophical questions in a dark cabaret, by listening to The Dead Brothers, in an intriguing combination of folk, country, blues and punk, rendered in a symphonic orchestra with Balkan influences. It's a powerful mixture that you can hardly ignore.

Dead Brothers PHoto Matias Corral

Despite its name, The Dead Brothers made me feel alive.

Founded in 1999, the band gathered its members in Geneva with the mystic and theatrical voice of Alain Croubalian, recruiting new members until 2008, like Delaney Davidson with his blues and country rhythm on drums and gui...

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Indian Winter sau cum s-au dus We Singing Colors Far, far, far*

Text: Ruxandra Stoian Foto: Diana Rădulescu, București, 2015   Trupa indie pop, We Singing Colors a susținut primul concert în India în ianuarie 2015, alături de The Amsterdams și alți artiști internaționali, în cadrul „Saarang Festival”. Concertele susținute au binedispus publicul venit din toată lumea, în campusul special amenajat la IIT Madras. Piesele lor vesele sau uneori nostalgice, au bucurat inimile și urechile tuturor în acordurile melodioase ale lui Andrei Hațegan, vocea suavă a Roxanei Niculae și tobele ritmate ale lui Vlad Ionescu perfect îmbinate cu basul lui Narcis Axinte. În aprilie 2014, au lansat primul album, “Made of wool, made of heavy metal”. Au cantat la festivaluri cunoscute cum ar fi Peninsula, Shorts Up, Femei pe Matasari, Street Delivery, în orașe în afară cum ar fi Chișinău și Sofia, ca mai apoi să fie atracția festivalului Saarang în Chennai, India. 10847404_10153156834967146_8424937065390003714_o După căldura unui continent încins, pe Andr...
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